Scott Rockenfield, an extension of Waiting For 22.
"I love the act of treason,
but hate the traitor."

-Julius Caesar

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    Scott started playing drums at the age of 12, and from there, could not be held back.  Going from a single snare drum to one of his most memorable Christmas presents ever, a full set. 
         In 1982, he'd recorded his debut & self entitled album with Queensryche.  And shortly after, had signed a deal with his band mates for a unprecedented 7 album deal with EMI.  
         Some 27 years later, and he's still going strong.  He's not only a member of Queensryche, but is also a key member in the rock band - Slaves to the System, due out with another album shortly. 
          In the early 90's, he started writing film scores.  Having worked with Paul Speer in the past, he found this to be another way of expression he could excel at.  He's received a Grammy Award Nomination for scoring Televoid in 1998.        
       Rockenfield's work includes film, television, and multimedia.  His last orchestrated score was done for the recently released horror film, Albino Farm.    And is set to work on several other films as well as tv. 
         He's also the inventor/creator of Bucket Drums and Rockenwraps.  Owner of both, and also works Stripped Down Muscle Inc.
        Scott can easily be seen as one of the busiest musicians in the industry.  He tours much of the year in support of Queensryche's albums, and manages the rest somewhere in between.
    Many, MANY thanks goes out to Scott, for sharing his talent, time, and passion with the rest of the world.

    • Queensryche
    • Slaves to the System
    • Geoff Tate Band
    His Works as a Composer
    • Still Life
    • Televoid
    • Albino Farm 2009
    • Television commercial for U.S. ARMY
    • Television commercial for Sony Playstation
    • Television commercial for Moosehead Beer
    • Movie trailer for The Matrix
    • Video game trailer for The Ark
    • Video game trailer for Return to Castle Wolfenstien
    • Intro credit roll for Indie movie Hair of the Dog
    • Featured Performer with Michael Kamen in Last Action Hero
    • Featured Performer with Michael Kamen in LIVE in Seattle
    • Grammy Award Score nomination for Televoid
    In the Works
    • .33 Reverse Gunther 
    • Smart Bone Nibblin'
    • The Trophy Case
    • The Haunted

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