Well, as it states, this sect is for downloadable items.  Now, as the only pics that actually belong to me, are the actual photos,
anything here is available for downloading.  Please be sure to not steal my bandwidth though.  For those that don't get what
that means?  This means, if you see something you'd like to have on your computer at my site?  Do NOT just link to it.  Save
it to your computer.  It's an easy step.  Right click, hit the Save As.  Tada!  You're done!  Now if you're taking one of my items
for another site?  In other words, if you intend on taking anything here that's not stamped with another sites' mark, please
save it to your own computer before posting it.  And, it would be kind to let me know about it as well, and don't forget to give
credit.  I'm sure this place looks like it was just slapped together in one afternoon, but I assure you, it was Not.  It has taken
me hours upon hours to get this up and running.  Everything from going through all my hundreds of pieces I've been collecting
since around 84/85 to current. 


This page is going to be mostly for gifs, anigifs, and wallpapers.:)  The wallpapers (funny enough), are mostly made for a dear
friend, and fellow DeGarmo fan.  But half the time I end up liking them so much, I put them up on my computer as well.  Hope
they're enjoyed!:)


   1024 x 683

          The first is 1024 x 683                                   Second is 800 x 600 


1024                                                         800


Made this quick one for my daughter.  She loves his 'Rage' look.

Made two small ones also, let them loop through once, then it'll
be smooth.