All these photos are pieces from a few things I have here & there. 
Some are from Japanese collectibles, others photos from concerts,
what-have-not.  But I haven't seen them online elsewhere.  Either
I'm lucky, or just haven't seen everything out there.  We'll start
out with one of the most notorious places known to all QR fans,

                                    The DUNGEON

And so goes the show! 

Here are scans from a another piece I have from Japan.  They get the
greatest stuff there, due to the fact that they pay a LOT more for their
items/music there.  Check Japanese QR stuff out some time, you'll see.   



These are just photos I have of them, mostly from concerts:    


Rage For Order








Promised Land



The rest of this is mostly stuff I have that's either clippings I've had since the beginning,
or again, from my Japanese collections.