Just felt like adding this in here.  It's called 'Privacy', cause that's what it
means, and is, referring to Mr. DeGarmo's, not mine.  Chris gave all of us
some of the BEST music ever written, and I for one, am so very grateful to
him for this.  When he came out with his Spies 4 Darwin band, I was practically jumping out of my skin.  I did not think he would return to us with music, and even though it was only six songs long, I was so ecstatic about it.  Then he also came back for a few songs on Queensryche's TRIBE.  He has apparently never lost his passion for music, nor the need or want to make it.  While he makes his living now by flying cessnas, we can always hope that at some point he comes back to make some more music for us all to hear as well.  Now I for one, am One of those people who have been whining/
complaining for these last about 12 years, saying Queensryche could be better 'If Only' Chris were still in the band.  Yeah, yeah.  The band's great, but to me, Chris truly was the heart & soul of Queensryche.  So while for personal reasons I'd LOVE it if he came back; I have to say, that the 'Rock N' Roll' life style is not for all.  In fact, I'd have to say it's probably for very few.  I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to do what they do.  So, that Chris is now living a better life and happier for it, and out of the spotlight? 
I say no matter how much we all dearly wish he'd come back to us?  We leave him in peace.:)

        His music will always be a part of us, and we will treasure what he's done and given us for all our time. 
                                                            Thanks Chris!!