This page is for the obvious.  Want your link here?  The requirements
are: Must be a Chris DeGarmo, or related.  What does 'related' mean? 
Means if it's a Queensryche, Spies 4 Darwin, Rockenfield/Slaves To
The System, etc site, it is (in my opinion), related.  While I believe
Mr. DeGarmo was indeed the best part of QR, I still love the band
(minus Stone of course).  So if you'd like your link here, feel free
to send me an email at Waiting For 22.

Scott Rockenfield Page

Alright then, it's still a work in progress, but it's mine! 

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Christa Titus - The Killing Words

Red Rycher - My best mate in Washington!  Lucky bugger!:p