By Don Kay
Sept. 2004

Queensryche back with hot new LP! Mayhem hears it first!

QUEENSRYCHE, the superstar Seattle Metal outfit, are set to make a spectacular return with a killer new album! Entitled 'The Promised Land', the record will be released through EMI on October 10, and will feature the following tracks: '9.28am', 'I Am I', 'Damaged', 'Out Of Mind', 'Bridge', 'Promised Land', 'Disconnected', 'Lady Jane', 'My Global Mind', 'One More Time', 'Someone Else?'. A sneak listen to the new album reveals some of the richest and most sophisticated 'Ryche songs yet. Not surprisingly, the band -still comprising Geoff Tate on vocals, guitarists Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton, bassist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield - are pleased with their first piece of work since 'Real World', the track the band donated to the 'Last Action Hero' soundtrack.

Says DeGarmo: "We really just came off the last album and tour and unplugged from the industry. We needed space and time to clear our heads and accumulate experiences, and reflect on what it was we'd done up to that point as a band. I think we realised we'd come to a point where we needed to get some sort of internal objectivity going, and not just plough headlong into the next project.

"And there really wasn't a time limit, which is something the last album and tour provided us with. It bought us time so that we could approach the new record with a relaxed state of mind, a different approach, and that's what we did."