Christopher Lee DeGarmo

                                                 Birthday: June 14, 1963.
                                                                 Place of Birth:
Wenatchee, Washington
                                                                 Family: Wife-Kimberly/Son-Preston (1995) 
                                                                                  Daughter-Rylie (1992)

                                                                 Parent/Siblings: Mum-Caroline/Older brother-Mark/
                                                                                  Younger brother-Kevin

                                                                 Chris DeGarmo was born and raised in Washington state.  He made up a family
                                                                               of four, with his two brothers and his mother.  His mother worked hard to
                                                                               provide for the family, which Chris always remembered later in life. 

                                                                               Chris started out with a love for music.  In his younger years, it was said he
                                                                               could always be found playing his guitar.  It was in his high school years that he
                                                                               hooked up with Michael Wilton, whom together, would later form one of
                                                                               the best bands in the world-Queensyrche -in 1981.  Before Queensryche, he
                                                                               was a part of a few different bands.  His first (along with Wilton in '79), was
                                                                               Along the way, Chris and Michael would hook up with drummer Scott 
                                                                               Rockenfield and bassist Eddie Jackson to form up the group they called 'The  
                                                                               Mob'.  Later on, they gathered Geoff Tate to the flock as their lead singer.  
                                                                               Geoff later said in an  interview, "I was never a metal fan, but was inspired by 
        the guy I was playing with, Chris DeGarmo, who is a very inspirational writer.  We had a very strong collaborative practice
        between the two of us, and I really enjoyed working with him.  If he wasn't in the band, I never would have even joined
        Queensryche."  After a lot of hard work, they finally got a record deal with the EMI label.  Chris was the one who came up
        with the name Queensryche, when they knew it was time to come up with a new name.   The name, coming from a song in the
        first self-entitled EP, Queen of the Ryche.
        Over the years, he and his bandmates put out several albums:
        The Warning
        Rage For Order
        Operation: Mindcrime
        Hear in the Now Frontier
        Sign of the Times (Justified)
                 It was during the touring time for Hear in the Now Frontier, that Chris decided to leave, due to undisclosed
        reasons.  Many QR fans were needless to say, upset by this news.  As a co-founding member, and main
        contributor to the band, it left a huge whole after his departure.  For any who are fans of Chris DeGarmo, we
        can be thankful for the many years he has given us his music.  And, as shown in Tribe (2003), we can hope for an
        occasional collaboration with all the old members.  He may be out of the lime light for music on a full time
        basis, but Chris still definitely has music in him. 
Chris helped form a band called Spys4Darwin in 2001,
        releasing one album called Microfish. 
He also toured with Jerry Cantrell during his Boggy Depot tour, and lent
        his  talents to the song 'Anger Rising' on the Degradation Trip album in 2002.  In 2005, he joined other Seattle
        musicians to help with the Tsunami Continued Care Relief Concert.  He helps out with charities when he can 
        and has even been seen helping Make A Wish and Cancer patients live their dreams

        Chris's most recent work is found helping out the band Dredg for production and arrangement in their Catch
        Without Arms album, in 2005.  

         Chris DeGarmo now leads (what we hope for him), a quiet and peaceful life in the Seattle area; with his wife and 
         two children.  While he still obviously has a love for music; he's traded in his touring days for a different sort of 
         job that enables him the lifestyle he now wishes.  His chosen career now is that of a charter pilot .          

        Instruments that Chris DeGarmo plays-
        Guitar, piano, sitar, cello, and of course -vocals.
        Probably many others, I'm just unaware of.

        For an in depth look at his playing, you can check it out at this site: Dinosaur Rock Guitar.
        There is also a great site that has accounts from a friend of DeGarmo & Wilton's: Before the Storm.

       Also, Dan Birchall gave a well put piece for his site, Screaming in Digital, for the 'Whys' of Chris's departure back in
        1997.  Feel free to check it out, for those that know any of the background of Queensryche, it shows true.  Click the
        following link HERE to read it through.