Hi to everyone stopping by here! 
My online name is Tyleete (no, I don't give out my real one).  I was looking around online one day, and thought it might be cool to create a DeGarmo fans site, so here we are!  I love graphics, and hate boring old plain sites.  Hence, you get my spaz site.  I've been a DeGarmo/Queensryche fan since around 84/85 (since I first heard The Warning), and have collected a LOT of items and pics over the years.  In fact the friends I had when younger, often referred to my room as having
'Queensryche Wallpaper'.  Every pic I could find went up on my walls.  Quite a bit older now (35), I've shared my admiration for Chris's  music with both my children.  My daughter now sports my giant QR poster in her room, and just today I bought my son his first electric guitar (now I can have MINE back), an ESP.
In my (haha) free time, I love to draw,go hiking through the woods,read, and listen to my fave bands:Spies 4 Darwin, QR, Slaves To The System, OverKill, Megadeth.